Freelance Web Content Writer - specialized in mobile technologies / marketing

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Invox is a Content Marketing Agency continuously on the lookout for new freelancers with a fine writing style!

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Invox creates content for its clients about many different topics (you can find all our references on our website).

We are continuously hiring new freelancers with strong and assertive writing skills. Their job: writing optimized web content (eg. articles, ebooks, white papers, practical guides), having a soft spot for SEO and for our search engine friends (even though our priority is to write for humans!)

We are looking for English-speaking writers, who are specialized in CRM and SaaS technologies, mobile marketing strategies and messaging solutions. If mobile messaging and m-marketing hold no secrets for you, then go ahead and apply!


You can apply if you identify with the following elements:

  • One past experience in web content writing (online magazines, corporate blogs, personal blogs, freelance writing…)
  • A more than extreme rigor when it comes to writing
  • An initial degree in Humanities / Professional writing / Written communication / Journalism
  • An extreme attention to detail (for instance, a space before a comma really bugs you)
  • A good knowledge of web content, SEO basics, understanding what makes an article work on the web
  • You understand the words « chatbot », « user experience », « push marketing », « rich content », « one-to-one marketing » or « marketing automation ».


Our remuneration basis goes from 25 to 40€ (30 to $45) for a 500-word article (and then increasing for longer documents). We provide you with a detailed brief, sources, a significant part of the research, a client description and a target readership.

We may apply a multiplying factor depending on the publication complexity / the type of article (eg. interviews, event coverage or conferences) / the level of expertise required…

Please apply only if this matches your average rates!

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